Before and after

Whether you want to restore furniture that no longer uses, modernize furniture worn out by time giving them new life, or decide to furnish your home with a vintage touch, know that an operation of this kind is much simpler than you think!

It’s not just an ideal solution to save money on buying new furniture, but understanding how to modernize an old piece of furniture allows you to give your home a personal touch and to have the satisfaction of having a piece of furniture that reflects your today tastes and your decor style.

Now it often happens to have at home a piece of furniture, a kitchen, a closet, a boiserie of which we would like to get rid of, but to which we attach an affective value. Or a fixed furniture that can not be moved and to which we would like to give a new touch (changing color, moving from lacquered to natural wood and vice versa, etc.).

We give you the opportunity to give a total new style to your home and your life, taking you by the hand exactly where you want to arrive.