Our carpentry: history, mission and vision

Storia - Il Legno che arreda

Caputo Pierino Carpentry was born in 1979, with precise aims and principles: seriousness, punctuality, professionalism and high quality standards.

The uniqueness, the particularity of the proposed products and the custom-made furniture are elements that make the Carpentry Caputo Pierino a great strength in the wood industry, not limiting the imagination and the needs of the customer and satisfying every request in any situation.

The use of essences and particular lines, almost rare, makes all that is proposed and produced a work of art, a unique piece.

The continuous search for new materials never makes carpentry remain a step backwards.

In 1995 the company started the production of semi-finished products.

Characterized by great flexibility, this production is aimed at artisans and small or large industries. The high quality and great reliability, combined with the economic efficiency of the product obtained with the help of sophisticated and modern equipment, are a valid alternative to the solid panel.

Processing is also carried out with veneers, roots, strips, borders and inlays to make the work unique.

In the year 2003 with the collaboration of Caputo’s sons new challenges has been starting.

It thus opens up to the production of wooden accessories and games, always with the same vision: quality, uniqueness and seriousness.

Storia - Il Legno che arreda

Your dreams are our passion

“The link between tradition and innovation, quality and convenience, style and uniqueness

is our way of imaging the future”