Our interior fixtures

We have been building doors for many years, satisfying all customer requests with flexibility and enthusiasm. Our products are many and different, in other words: they are unique.

Wooden interior doors

Our wooden doors can be classified into categories of style: classic, modern and design, but also based on their internal structure: solid, blockboard or honeycomb, with various distinctions of finishes (gloss lacquered and opaque or in essence, from the surface smooth or decorated).

Modern interior doors

In our catalog wooden doors with a modern character are presented in greater numbers. The actuality imposes particular and sometimes eccentric solutions, but at the same time, an opposite trend and now in vogue imposes minimal lines and simple and essential panels. Personalization is a strong point of some of our collections, where panels can be embellished with designs supplied by the customer, and solutions with concealed hinges, elaborate frames and design handles to detail each model.

Solid wood doors

Diametrically opposed from a stylistic point of view are our classic wooden doors. These are doors with solid or laminated wood, a particularly robust and stable material. Even if they interpret a style of other times, these collections are made with the latest technology, which allows precise and characteristic incisions and shows off the irregular veins of the essences. Our proposals range from smooth to open pore lacquers, to antique finishes, but also to doors with flat surfaces and three-dimensional panels completed with inserts in wood.

Honeycomb wooden doors

Our wooden doors can have a slatted substructure, a perfect cross-over puzzle of wooden slats that make the door very stable, or a base in honeycomb wood, characterized by a sandwich made of wooden slabs and lightened material inside. In our stores you can find the collections that use one type of structure rather than another and understand the differences in price and the quality of the materials used.

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